Rodriguez Residential Care Homes are family-owned and operated in San Diego, California. As Administrators of our residential care facilities, we also live in the homes which provides us with a unique insight into the day-to-day interaction of all our residents. Both homes are located within walking distance of beautiful Balboa Park and directly on the number 2 and 6 MTS bus routes.  Our residential board and care facilities are close to public transportation to downtown which is a fifteen minute ride and ten minutes to the North Park shopping district. We are one block away from grocery and convenience stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. We provide in house keeping, laundry service, and three nutritious meals per day so residents can focus on their positive daily routines and recovery. This would include outpatient programs, volunteer work, school or part-time work. All residents are given assessments for short term and long term goals which are monitored monthly by a licensed psychologist. You are always welcome to contact us for an appointment to visit one of our quality residential care homes.

Rodriguez Residential Care has been operating two homes in the communities of South and North Park for the past 43 years.  During the past 4 decades we have seen many changes in the cultural and social policies in regards to persons with mental illness.  In 1968 we received into our homes the first group of people benefiting from the deinstitutionalization of our State Mental Hospitals.  In the early 1970’s we worked closely with California State Licensing to help develop health and safety requirements for State Licensure of Homes for the Mentally Disordered.  We also worked with our State Assembly Representative when the State and Local Governments began trying to enforce regulations that would create what we do not want for persons with mental illness: institutionalization.  We have seen the development of a Managed Care System that strives to reduce the cost of inpatient care, the introduction of new and better psychotropic medication, and the development of consumer administered self-help programs.  We have seen the National Mental Health Association develop into the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill, whose influence to advocate for persons with mental illness and their families, grows each year.  As of the early 1990’s all Residential Care Homes are required to successfully complete 40 units every 2 years in topics pertinent to improving the care of residents in licensed residential care homes.

What does all this mean?  For all of us at Rodriguez Residential Care, it has meant that we have come a long way from our start in 1968.  We have been a part of and a witness to much change.  Change that has brought with it different priorities amongst the mental health organizations, mental health professionals, consumer administered self-help groups, Social Services and so forth.  At Rodriguez Residential Care, one of our priorities is to look at new ways to boost morale and improve self-awareness for all the residents.  We look for programs and organizations that will help our residents understand that they can move forward despite their diagnosed illness, and we offer a home for those individuals who are motivated, ready and willing to meet the challenge of moving forward in order to achieve realistic goals for themselves.  We have had the privilege and challenge over the course of 38 years to assist many individuals to move toward independence.  Our plan is to continue providing a supportive, safe and structured environment in which to do so.