Our Menus

A healthy daily diet is important to maintain wellness.  More so when our clients take medications that effect them physically.  Individuals on certain medications must make sure that they are drinking plenty of water, not sodas or caffeine.  Some medications can contribute to weight gain.  Our menu consists of fresh fruit and vegtables everyday and very little processed foods.  The meals are prepared fresh everyday and includes foods that contribute to healthy living.


Our weekly menu include homemade soups:

*  Chicken vegatable

*  Meatball with vegtables(Albondiga)

*  Butternut Squash

*  Blackbean

*  Beef barley

* Lentil

We use only extra virgin olive oil to cook and very low sodium in the preparation of our meals.  Kale, spinach, cabbage, tomato, carrots, jicama and what may be available seasonally is used in the making of all our salads.  Nonfat yogurt with seasonal fresh fruit:  Strawberries, blueberries, for breakfast.  Spouted bread or whole grain.  Whole oat oatmeal, or high-fiber cold cereals such as shredded wheat or a bran cereal for breakfast.

The menu is changed daily and will always include healthy ingredients.  Take a look at a sample of the photos pictured.

Individuals who are borderline diabetic will benefit to eat at a scheduled hour everyday and from this menu as planned. We have substitued whole grain pastas for rice or quinoa pastas when needed and brownrice in our menu plan.  Fish and poultry is a good source of protein for our clients, as well.